Photo of smiling white woman with flowers, Nicole Hinrichs-Bideau.

Nicole Hinrichs-Bideau, Vice Chair


Nicole currently teaches Humanities and Film Studies at Century College and has held various roles within the film and arts world in both Minneapolis and Paris, including as Director of Production for the MN Film Board, Producer for River Road Productions, Film Coordinator for the Minneapolis Office of Cultural Affairs, co-founder of Paris-based art association Project for Europe, and Editor at Editions Gallimard. She is grateful for and exuberant about Young Dance, as it offers the inspiration for youth to express themselves through movement, explore identities, feel empowered to create positive change in their worlds and connect and collaborate with peers who are diverse in age, ability and backgrounds. She is also a wanna-be dancer and lives vicariously through her youngest daughter who is passionate about Young Dance!

Work Experience:

Professor of Humanities and Film Studies, Century College
Special Skills: Arts and Film expertise, experience with cultural nonprofit organizations