Board of Directors

The Young Dance Board of Directors represents a broad range of talented individuals in the Twin Cities. The primary role of the Board of Directors is to guide Young Dance toward fulfilling its educational and professional mission. 

Join the Young Dance Board of Directors 

We’re looking for vibrant individuals who are interested in belonging to a successful non-profit board. Young Dance is an extraordinary youth dance school and company for young people of all abilities with a mission to “transform lives through movement”. Our Board of Directors works to extend and deepen the work of our creative community of dancers, choreographers and educators.  The Young Dance Board of Directors is a dynamic, committed group who are dedicated to the Mission, Vision and Values of the Young Dance organization. They meet monthly to fulfill five primary responsibilities:


To ensure that organizational resources are used to meet the mission as promised in compliance with the law.


To provide a strategic vision for Young Dance that positions the organization to be strong in the future.


To support and supervise the Artistic Directors.


To recruit, train and engage board members in the mission and vision of Young Dance.


To be ambassadors for the Young Dance organization in the larger community.

“Young Dance helps create some of the strongest, self-aware young people I’ve ever met. Whether these dancers ever pursue a future in dancing or not, the foundation of respect, responsibility and creativity fostered by Young Dance in these kids will affect them for the rest of their lives.

—Young Dance parent

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