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Our classes are open to everyone of all levels and abilities, and students enjoy our collaborative and creative approach to dance education. We teach from a concept-based perspective, emphasizing the elements of Body, Action, Space, Time, and Energy. Students also learn technique, improvisation, and choreography in a safe environment where healthy risk-taking is encouraged. Students develop skills in observing, participating, and describing in a setting that values a commitment to self, to the group, and to lifelong learning.

Across our classes, students are encouraged to deepen an understanding of themselves and their community. Young Dance offers All Abilities Dancing for individuals living with and without disabilities, Afro-Modern, Ballet, Breaking, Choreography, Conditioning, Creative Movement, Dance Together, Hip Hop, and Modern dance.

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Students explore Body, Action, Space, Time, and Energy through:

  • Understanding: Defining and exploring terminology
  • Developing Skills: Exploring technique through practice
  • Creating: Through improvisation and student-made choreography
  • Perceiving: Watching each other
  • Analyzing: Giving each other feedback using terminology from the concepts we’ve explored
  • Community: Working together in pairs and groups, supporting each other


Our classes are multi-aged, spanning 3 grade levels or more. This provides students the opportunity to be learners and leaders, two aspects of education that we deeply value at Young Dance. 

All of our classes are open to students of all skill levels and abilities. No previous experience necessary. The experiential nature of Young Dance classes enables students to learn at their own pace physically, while being challenged at an age-appropriate level. If your dancer is new to Young Dance, please contact us at to discuss placement. 

While we do offer specific All Abilities Dancing classes, all of our classes are for those with and without disabilities. If you are unsure which class will be the most rewarding for your dancer, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Our class programming runs September 14, 2023 thru May 19, 2024.

Registration is for a 9-month session. Mid-year registrations are accepted at the discretion of the instructor.

For more information please contact:

Classes culminate in a performance in mid-May, with other informal performances and events occurring throughout the year.


Dance Together, Ages 1–3 with caregiver (crawlers and walkers welcome)

Children and their caregivers discover the joys of movement through games, stories, and songs. These early classes introduce children to group learning environments while using movement to develop strong bonds with their caregivers. Children also develop large and fine motor skills in classes that emphasize observation, exploration, manipulation, imitation, and repetition.

Creative Movement

• Creative Movement 1, Ages 3–5 (Pre–K), classes offer a fun environment for children to explore, improvise, and express themselves through movement. Children develop large and fine motor skills, as well as coordination, rhythm, teamwork, and listening skills.

• In Creative Movement 2, Ages 5–7 (K-1), children learn the structure of a dance class and terminology through improvisation and games. Young dancers are challenged with more complex routines exploring the dance concepts of Body, Action, Space, Time, and Energy.

• Creative Movement 3, Ages 6–9 (1–3), focuses on dance elements emphasized in teamwork and creativity while providing a foundation in Modern Dance and improvisation. Dancers will experience an exciting full-bodied class exploring a roller coaster ride of movement fun! Come swing, roll, jump, express, create, and sweat while learning the freedom and enjoyment of dance.

All Abilities Dancing

• All Abilities Dancing 1, Ages 7–11, offers creative dance for youth with and without disabilities. This class will focus on positive body awareness, creativity, teamwork, motor coordination, and personal expression.

• In All Abilities Dancing 2, Ages 11+, participants develop improvisation, partnering, and choreography skills while emphasizing communication, collaboration, and performance.

• All Abilities Dancing Online is a virtual offering for youth with and without disabilities to dance together in their own spaces. The class is offered on Saturday at 11:00 a.m.–noon CST.

Afro-Modern Dance

Based on rhythms from Africa and the diaspora, Afro-Modern Dance is a contemporary class where dancers explore full-body expression rooted in West African, Caribbean, and American dance traditions. Focus on wellness, community, improvisation, and fluidity across movement styles.

Ages 10–18

Ballet (from a body-positive, somatic perspective)

Ballet skills, terminology, rhythm, and coordination will be taught, emphasizing body-positive awareness to skill-building, flexibility, and coordination. Students will be introduced to spatial awareness, musicality, steps, and the alignment of ballet technique.

• Ballet 1, Ages 7–10
• Ballet 2, Ages 10–18


This class will introduce students to both the exploration of the choreographic process and the basic tools used in choreography. Students will learn dance-making through improvisation, activities, and discussion.

Ages 7–18


• Modern 1, Ages 7-9 (grades 2-3), introduces Modern Dance through improvisation and technique, exploring Space, Time, Body, Effort, Movement, and Form. Students develop listening skills, problem-solving skills, perception and evaluation skills, and teamwork through large and small group activities.

• Modern 2, Ages 9–11 (grades 4–5), continues modern dance learning through technique, improvisation, and choreography.

• Modern 3, Ages 11–14 (grades 6–8), explores modern dance concepts of Space, Time, Body, Effort, Movement, and Form, but with a strong emphasis on working together. Developing teamwork and collaborative skills.

• Modern 4, Ages 14–18 (grades 9+), offers a safe and supportive environment for young dancers gain skills and confidence through technique and improvisation. Students develop their understanding of the Elements of Dance (Body, Action, Space, Time, and Energy), through this expansive American dance form. In addition to building technique, dancers develop listening skills, problem-solving skills, perception and evaluation skills, and teamwork, through large and small group activities. A slightly longer time than most classes, dancers have added opportunities to choreograph and strengthen their individual voices, while emphasizing community through collaboration.

• Adult Modern, We’ve heard your feedback and are excited to bring Modern dance to our adult community! For dancers of all levels and abilities, this class will utilize skill-building, improvisation, and choreography to foster self-expression, collaboration, and community.

Musical Theater

In Musical Theater, dancers will draw from several styles to bring some of their favorite songs and stories to life. Young dancers will learn technique, develop improvisation skills, and build their choreography in a fun, thoughtful, and supportive environment.

Ages 8–14 (grades 3–9)

Hip Hop

This class is full of energetic choreography that offers a glimpse into the history of hip hop, including the styles that created and made hip hop so popular (i.e. breaking, popping, locking, and house).

• Hip Hop 1, Ages 7–11
• Hip Hop 2, Ages 10–18

Open Studio Time

This open studio time is for dancers looking for extra space to work on their own projects, whether for a class or for fun. Recommended for ages 10+, and it is free for dancers already enrolled in this session.

For a promotional code and to reserve space, contact to reserve your time in the studio.

Stretching and Somatics

We are always learning! This class offers more time and information to dig deeper and improve your dancing in any form. With a focus on listening and anatomy, we will better understand our alignment and structures to build strength, flexibility, and body awareness.

For ages 7-18 (grades 2-12), this class pairs well with Ballet 1, Ballet 2, and Modern 1 on Tuesdays.


Yoga incorporates postures, gentle movement sequences, breath work, meditation, and relaxation to support increased awareness and mindfulness. For ages 11 and up, this class will allow for individuals to move at their comfort and serves as a great retreat for the self or addendum to a class.

“The assurance that my body is right became increasingly important in the 11 years in which I grew up with Young Dance.”

-Emily Winkler-Morey