Image of smiling black woman Karla Nwege.

Karla Nweje

Karla Nweje is an arts educator, performer, choreographer, and literary artist.  Her credentials as a dance artist include a BFA in Dance Performance and Composition from Brooklyn College/CUNY.  As a literary artist, Karla is a published author, anthology editor and contributing writer to various literary publications and writes/presents interactive workshops for youth.  After obtaining teaching credentials, she worked as a NYC public school language arts teacher by day and as a performer by night. During this time, she used movement and theater arts techniques to enhance the learning process in her classroom. The positive results she witnessed affirmed her conviction that the arts are vital to comprehensive youth development. 

Karla has performed and toured with dance and theater companies in several US cities and continues to create and share work through The Samimejon Movement, her group performance initiative. She served for 10 seasons as a teaching artist and design team member for Ordway’s Dance to Learn Program and is a 2013 recipient of its Excellence in Educational Service Award.  Karla is also on the Teaching Artist rosters of several organizations and earned the 2019 COMPAS Teaching Artist of the Year Award. 

Ms. Nweje’s interest in distance learning was instantly sparked when she taught her first remote session approximately 12 years ago, and she has been teaching distance learning workshops and residencies consistently for the last five years. Additionally, she has produced several bodies of online content within the last six months to better address the needs of youth, families and communities during fluctuating times. Through arts residencies, workshops, performances, professional development and more, Karla Nweje continues to cultivate partnerships across organizations, programs, and school districts to make quality arts experiences accessible to all learners.

2022-22 Class Roster: Winter Dance Intensive