Creative Movement 1

Creative Movement classes offer a fun environment for children to explore, improvise, and express themselves through movement. Children develop large and fine motor skills, as well as coordination, rhythm, teamwork,

Ballet 1

Ballet skills, terminology, rhythm, and coordination will be taught with an emphasis on body-positive awareness to skill-building, flexibility, and coordination. Students will be introduced to spatial awareness, musicality, steps, and

Creative Movement 2

In Creative Movement 2, children learn the structure of a dance class and terminology through improvisation and games. Young dancers are challenged with more complex routines exploring the dance concepts

Modern 1

Introduction to Modern Dance, through improvisation and technique. Explores concepts of Space, Time, Body, Effort, Movement, and Form. Students develop listening skills, problem-solving skills, perception and evaluation skills, and teamwork

Modern 2

Modern dance learning through technique, improvisation, and choreography.

Beginning Breaking

In Beginning Breaking class, students ages 8-13 will learn the fundamentals of breaking, including Toprocks, Go-downs, Footwork, Powermoves, and Freezes, in a supportive environment. In addition to learning technique, dancers

All Abilities Dancing 2

Participants develop skills of improvisation, partnering, and choreography with an emphasis on communication, collaboration, and performance. Ages 11+

All Abilities Dancing 1

Creative Dance for youth living with and without disabilities. This class will focus on positive body awareness, creativity, teamwork, motor coordination, and personal expression. Ages 7-11

Let’s Get Movin’

This class focuses on dance elements emphasized in teamwork, partnering, and creativity while providing a foundation in Modern dance that is non-gender specific. Dancers will experience an exciting full-bodied movement

Modern 3

Explores modern dance concepts of Space, Time, Body, Effort, Movement, and Form, but with a strong emphasis on working together. Developing teamwork and collaborative skills. Ages 11-14