White woman, Emily Gastineau, speaking at a microphone.

Emily Gastineau



Emily Gastineau is a choreographer, performer, writer, and editor based in Minneapolis. Her recent research considers the generic: the objects and ideas that are so pervasive we become unable to see their specificity. She is committed to collaboration, collective structures, and reorganizing the structures of making and relating across the field. Emily’s work has been supported, developed, or presented at Frascati (Amsterdam), On the Boards (Seattle), workspacebrussels, Garage29 (Brussels), The Luminary (St. Louis), SE.S.TA (Prague), Walker Art Center, Red Eye Theater, Soap Factory, Southern Theater, Weisman Art Museum (Minneapolis), Foundation for Contemporary Arts, and Minnesota State Arts Board, among others. She created over a dozen collaborative works with Billy Mullaney (US/NL) as part of the performance duo Fire Drill, and her writing on performance has been published at Mn Artists, MARCH.international, Temporary Art Review, Culturebot, and others. She is currently the editor of Mn Artists, an interdisciplinary arts writing publication of the Walker Art Center, and a Co-Artistic Director of Red Eye Theater, a collectively-run performance space in South Minneapolis. She studied at DAS Choreography, Amsterdam University of the Arts.

Emily will work at the juicy intersection of dance and language with the Young Dance Company. Dancers will explore embodied writing practices, scores that generate performance, and movement and writing in conversation with each other. 

Photo by Dan Norman