Roo Case


Roo Case served as a Student Representative during the 2020/2021 season and is thrilled to continue after leaving the Young Dance Company. He spent 10 years as part of the Performing Company before graduating in 2021. He currently attends Carleton College, pursuing a BA in Computer Science & Dance. In addition to Modern/Contemporary dance, he is also a member of The Braggarts, a local Morris dance group and has been part of the planning team for major events for Morris dancers in the Midwest. He is also a lighting designer, having worked on shows in both high school and at Carleton, where he now serves at the head of technical theater for all student-run productions, both dance and traditional theater. During his time at Young Dance, he considered the Performing Company to be his home-away-from-home and strives to keep and expand Young Dance’s goal of Transforming Lives Through Movement.

Work Experience: Adventures in Cardboard (Counselor/Carpenter)

Special Skills: Community Organization and Planning, Technology, Event planning and Organization

Photo by Lisa Venticinque