images of 7 disabled artists for the Off-Kilter Cabaret Performances June 16–19

Off-Kilter Cabaret (project of Off-Leash Area)

Off-Kilter is a project of Off-Leash Area designed to highlight and support artists with disabilities. Off-Leash Area’s vision is to “push artistic boundaries and expand its capacity to guide, nurture, and sustain independent, often marginalized local artists throughout their careers

In the inaugural performances of Off-Kilter “Organ Recital”, June 16–19 at the TEK BOX Theater, seven artists share their captivating takes on the theme “Organ Recital” in the Off-Kilter Cabaret! Using dance, storytelling, theater, spoken word, puppetry, and performance, artists with disabilities explore the theme in wildly different ways, ranging from hilarious and thought-provoking to heart-breaking and profound.

FEATURING: Braille, Atlas O Phoenix, Daniel Reiva, Amy Salloway, Pat Samples, Scott Sorensen, & Young Dance

Tickets can be purchased here.