Students will explore the choreographic process and learn basic tools used in choreography through improvisation, activities, and discussion.

Dance a Story: Creative Movement + Storytelling

Your little one can explore movement possibilities with a focus on storytelling. Children develop motor skills, coordination, rhythm, and listening as they go on creative adventures.

Variety Camp 1

In Variety Camps, participants will dip their toes in different dance styles and find new ways of expressing themselves through movement. Taught by some of the Twin Cities’ best educators,

Creative Movement 1

Learn self-expression through dance in this fun and energetic class. Children develop large and small motor skills, coordination, rhythm, teamwork, and listening skills.

Creative Movement 2

This class explores the dance concepts of Body, Action, Space, Time, and Energy through movement games and improvisation. Dancers learn to take turns, watch their peers, and work together in

Dance Together

Children and their caregivers develop strong bonds and discover the joys of movement through games, stories, and songs. These early classes introduce group learning environments while developing large and small