For over 25 years, Young Dance has offered a place for youth in our community to grow body and spirit through the creative expression of modern dance.
Young Dance encourages peer-to-peer mentorship and collaboration in the making of dances. Through our engagement of youth of all abilities, body types, and economic, social and cultural backgrounds, we provide an environment in which diversity is authentically embraced and celebrated. The young people with whom we work become leaders in their schools, which prepare them for leadership roles – both formal and informal – in their communities. And by working with professional, highly accomplished artists, Young Dance dancers develop a keen understanding of the art form, the complexity of creating a production, and the power of the pursuit of excellence.


Transforming Lives Through Movement



The vision of Young Dance is to engage youth in life-long learning through creative expression. The dance company and school collaborates with professional artists, forges meaningful community partnerships and pushes the boundaries of the art and practice of dance.



“We’re like mass producing incredible young people who are going to become the people who run the world in the next 15 years. If every school and every company and every soccer team was like Young Dance, our world would be just incredible. The positive energy here – just to be able to have this in the world – loving and caring and learning and supporting each other is so vital for survival.” 

Hope Grathwol, age 14